Website Hosting

Nevada Website Design can setup, manage, and host your website(s) for you.

What is hosting?

Your website is made up of digital files and folders. These files and folders are stored on a computer known as a “host” or “server”. In short, you can’t have a website without a “host” or “server” to put it on. 

Some hosting companies also offer proprietary “website builder platforms” which are setup to include hosting as part of the platform subscription.

For example, if you want a website you can make changes to on your own, you can choose
HostGator’s New “Gator” Website Builder by clicking the image below:  

If your website is created with one of these website building platforms, keep in mind you can’t move your website to another provider as the files and folders are usually proprietary and thus not available for migration to another platform. You may, however, be able to save a download on your local machine in case your website needs to be restored. 

You’ve probably heard of GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostmonster and other hosting providers. If you are not “tech savvy”, or are not familiar with how hosting works, you should let Nevada Website Design build the website for you and handle the hosting installation, setup and management aspects of your hosting, which not only delivers your website on the internet, but hosts your email accounts as well. Plus, if anything goes wrong, we can take care of any support issues that come up. Otherwise, you are on your own and would have to get in contact with the hosting provider for support, which sometimes might be frustrating if you don’t understand the jargon or coding.

Some providers offer email as an addon product, such as GoDaddy – they offer Outlook 365 at a separate price. Other hosting providers include email accounts, some with limitations. 

Of all the hosting providers we’ve had experience with, we recommend the following provider based on outstanding customer service and price. In fact, SiteGround is where Nevada Website Design is hosted at. 

Note: Nevada Website Design may earn a an affiliate commission if you purchase from these links.

If you chose to purchase hosting from Nevada Website Design directly, our hosting prices will include hosting account and email account setup and support. 

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