I’ve been receiving an influx of emails that contain a single line – they go something like this:

“Greetings I’m Richard, And i’ll like to know if can you handle an informational website for my new company? Do you also accept credit card. Thanks”

It appears these emails are “standardized” in that they pretty much say the same thiing “I need a website and do you accept credit cards?”

Taking a look at the source code of the email, which was sent from a gmail account with a strange email address to my gmail account, containing a ton of code, scripts, etc. My guess is that some people would reply to this email, but I believe that’s what the sender wants you to do….so he, she or they can spam your email or create an infectious worm.

Have you received emails like this, and if so , what’s your take?

My suggestion is to immediately delete these types of emails.