So what does a “flying car” have to do with your web marketing? Well, there was a “share” button on the articles I read today, and now YOU can see how important articles like this can improve your website traffic…..I’m posting this on all my Social Media locations as well, just to prove a point…..and that is, well if tech is growing so fast, then you probably need to take advantage of new technology now and the changes the web and digital marketing industry will see this year! 

The future is here. If you think about it, we knew this years ago….in fact, when I was just a fifth grader, I remember reading something similar to Weekly Reader that someday cars would be able to use radar to avoid a crash…..and then there was an article that mentioned there would someday be flying cars. Cars that could fly like a plane and maybe even take off and land like a helicopter. What?

Move forward to today, and there it is, in front of us! It’s like they say in the movies “Coming soon to a (sky) near you!”  

On LinkedIn, I read this article……really? Hyundai and Uber showing flying cars?

Do a search for “flying cars near me” in Google…..and you will find out – this website was on Google News