What’s a Conversion?

There’s a process which can be described in many ways, but the most common way to explain it is known as “A.I.D.A”.

This applies to all forms of advertising or engaging with customers – even in person, or social media, your website, etc.

A = Attention. First you have to get the person’s attention to what you have to offer them – usually a service or product.

To grab a person’s attention, you have to have a headline, and even some attention getting graphics….


That question indicates you have a problem that needs to be fixed, which brings us to “I”.

I stands for “Interest”. If you do have a garage door problem, you would be interested in this ad, wouldn’t you.

Next is “D” for “desire”. That’s like saying to yourself, yes, I need thio problem solved.

The last “A” stands for “Action”. You have a problem, you have an interest for the service, you have the desire to take care of the problem, and now you need to take action to get it….which means  a phone call, or filling out a quote form, etc.

So, in our marketing efforts, we follow this same, proven advertising strategy.

Your website works in a similkar fashion, giving the visitor the information about the service or product, and their interest and reasons they need the product or service, as well as the desire to have it, and taking action to get it.

If you miss any of the four steps, you probably have an uninterested customer.

Nevada Website Design knows how advertising works, what triggers people to take action,

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